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When hackers infiltrate networks, administrator credentials are the first thing they target.

Using SecureONE, you are protected.

About SecureONE

SecureONE Appliance

Administrators need access to accounts with special permission to do their job, but hackers target those same accounts. Critical data & assets are safeguarded from unauthorized access, while still allowing administrators to easily perform management tasks.

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    Blocks Unauthorized Access

    Even when Administrator usernames & passwords are compromised.

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    Allows Legitimate Access

    IT Administrators can easily & securely access the systems they manage.

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    Insight Dashboard

    Visibility allows you to see what critical systems are being accessed, at any moment.

Complete Insight Management


Reduce Attack Surface

Understand who has widespread access to critical data & assets and make informed decisions to reduce your attack surface.


Threat Landscape Visibility

Gain insight into what hackers and insider threats are accessing within your network.


Asset Discovery

Know what assets are authorized and unauthorized in your network.


Account Monitoring & Control

Have complete control over who can access what systems and record unauthorized attempts.


Audit Reporting

Comply with industry regulations and view complete audit trails of system access.


Organization Risk Profile

Leverage the insight dashboard to understand your risk profile across your organization.

How it Works

Insight Gathering

Insight Gathering

SecureONE will learn your network infrastructure. SecureONE can scan more than 100,000 hosts in as little as 5 minutes, providing you with near real-time insight.

Secure Access

Secure Access

SecureONE starts protecting your infrastructure by providing time based, on-demand access to your systems.

Audit Logging

Monitoring & Audit Logging

SecureONE monitors network access and provides compliance reports, audit logs, and unauthorized access attempts.

SecureONE in Numbers

Endpoints Scanned in Minutes
Simple Network Configuration

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