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Introducing Remediant SecureONE

A precision approach to Just-In-Time Privileged Access Management (JITA).  With Remediant, now you can: 

Privileged Access Management Vendors
Discover privileged access
Stop Lateral movement
Administer Just-in-Time
SecureONE Features How it Works


Data Connectors:
NYC Virtual
Cybersecurity Conference
August 20

This one-day conference features a Keynote Speaker Session, CISO Panel plus 8-10 additional educational speaker sessions discussing current cybersecurity threats and solutions. You’ll also have the chance to visit 30-60 cybersecurity exhibits.


Remediant Named Winner in Black Unicorn Awards for 2020

Remediant named a Winner in Black Unicorn Awards for 2020 for our unique approach to solving credential theft. Granted by Cyber Defense Magazine through a highly competitive process, this award showcases top companies with incredible potential in the cybersecurity marketplace.


Introducing Zero Standing Privilege

If we agree that standing privilege is defined as that accounts have persistent privilege access for all time on some set of systems. Zero standing privilege is the exact opposite.

We help Security Teams
in two ways

Privilege Discovery
Just-in-time Access
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Rapidly deploy & inventory privileged accounts
  • Remove standing access with a single action
  • Administer privileges just-in-time with MFA
  • Time to value: 150K+ endpoint roll-out in days
  • Simplicity: Flexible & fast remediation
  • Frictionless experience: No agents
  • Continuous: Always scanning
Benefits of Zero Standing Privilege
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Secureone Dashboard

Continuous Discovery, Single-action Privilege Revocation, Just-in-time Administration with MFA, and State of Privileged Access Reporting
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SecureONE Privileged Access Management Solutions

Defend Your Enterprise with Zero Standing Privilege

Privilege Escalation Attack Prevention

Even when Administrator usernames & passwords are compromised.

Attack Surface Reduction and NIST Account Management

IT Administrators can easily & securely access the systems they manage.

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Gartner Cool Vendor Remediant

Gartner recently recognized Remediant as a Cool Vendor

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Leading security teams gain visibility & control over privileged access in hours

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