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Introducing SecureONE
Privileged Access Management Software and Protection at Scale

Evolving Privileged Access Management Just-In-Time

For the second year in a row, Gartner ranks PAM Security as the Number 1 security project to be prioritized among security and risk management leaders.

Protect and prevent breaches

We reduce your attack surface by reducing the quantity of highly privileged accounts that have 24x7x365 access.

Remove technology boundaries

Our product integrates with existing IAM, SIEM and behavioral analytics solutions and works across Mac, Linux and Windows environments.

Simplify IT security for our customers

We work to simplify the complexity for IT departments and CISO’s alike while delivering best-in-class privileged access management solutions.

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SecureONE Offers Privileged Access Security

When hackers infiltrate networks, administrator credentials are the first thing they target. SecureONE protects your enterprise in a vastly complex — and dangerous digital landscape.

Insider Threats

Insider Threats

In nearly 100% of data breaches, insider threats remain undetected for weeks or months before they utilize privileged access to impose damages. With SecureONE, you’ll gain real-time insights to identify any malicious insider threats to your enterprise.

Compromised Accounts

Compromised Accounts

The #1 attack vector in cybersecurity breaches today involves abuse or misuse of privileged account credentials, which often results in stolen data. SecureONE protects use of privileged accounts, even if the passwords are compromised by protecting them with two-factor authentication, instant breach detection, and stopping lateral movement.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware has been on the rise, and this kind of cyber attack frequently uses the local admin account to implement the malware. SecureONE helps prevent ransomware and malware intrusions by utilizing a zero-trust security model.


A new approach to PAM Security based on a Zero Trust, Just-In-Time Model

Is Zero Trust On <25% Of Your Systems A Viable Approach To Your Cybersecurity Strategy?

With more than 80% of breaches involving privileged credentials, it is wise to go above the bare-minimum PAM solutions when protecting organizations against the inevitable zero-day exploit. When it comes to having a robust Zero Trust strategy, you need complete protection and access control on all administrative activity at all times, on all systems. So what’s the right formula?

- Just-in-Time Administration + Principle of Least Privilege – granting access to only what they need and for just the time they need it.

- Continuous visibility to privileged access and changes in privileged access.

- Continuous enforcement of the desired privileged access configuration.

- Instant Breach Detection and Multi-Factor Authentication complete the Zero Trust model to deliver total privileged access security and mitigate the risk of account compromises by 99%.

Defend Your Enterprise with an Automated Access Control Policy

While hackers often target administrator accounts with compromised credentials – these accounts usually have privileged access to 90% of resources they don’t need for their daily or frequent tasks. SecureONE provides an automated access control policy and minimum DevOps lifecycles for privileged accounts to safeguard critical data and assets.

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Powerful PAM Solutions Scalable for the Modern Enterprise, on a Single Centralized Dashboard

Insights Dashboard

Visibility allows you to see what critical systems are being accessed, at any moment. Leverage the insight dashboard to understand your risk profile across your organization. SecureONE will learn your network infrastructure by scanning more than 100,000 hosts in as little as 5 minutes, providing you with near real-time insight.

Secure Access
  • Reduce Attack Surface
  • Threat Landscape Visibility
  • Asset Discovery
  • Scans 100,000+ Endpoints
  • Compliance Audit Reporting
Regulatory Compliance

SecureONE simplifies meeting compliance audit standards for DFARS Compliance, NIST Compliance (NIST 800-171), & SOX Compliance. Privileged Access Management and Multi-Factor Authentication tools are always a higher priority for IT operations and active directory auditing. See all of SecureONE’s Regulatory Compliance solutions.

Incident Response Plan

PAM software with a focus on NIST standards ensures implementation of a NIST Incident Response Plan. SecureONE uses a centralized dashboard for maximum efficiency when responding to cyber security breaches. SecureONE provides a cyber incident response plan with automated privileged access controls for your entire enterprise, instant notifications for a quicker response time, and Audit Trails for cyber incident reporting and digital forensics.

Enterprise Risk Management

SecureONE is scalable enough for enterprise sized risk assessments. Gain insights and identify user privileges across your enterprise with a single centralized dashboard. Useful benefits of using a NIST Risk Management Framework are attack surface reduction by continuously monitoring a mix of cloud and on-premises endpoints, automation and real-time alerts.

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SecureONE Top Features

Continuous Monitoring
Continuous Monitoring

Never underestimate the importance of Continuous Monitoring. SecureONE provides active directory tools with instant detection of privilege access changes and account distribution across your entire enterprise’ ecosystem. Gain complete visibility with audits, server monitoring and breach detection, all monitored in real-time.

100,000+ Endpoint Security
100,000+ Endpoint Security

Detect and protect your privileged access distribution and usage across the enterprise. Deploying SecureONE’s Scan Mode will map out the distribution of privilege access to your assets and endpoints within a few minutes. With each endpoint taking only milliseconds to scan, even organizations with over 100,000 endpoints are done within a couple of hours. Effortlessly deploy Protect Mode without installing any software for endpoint protection for better defense against advanced persistent threats.

Two-Factor Authentication
Two-Factor Authentication

Prevent lateral movement with Two-Factor Authentication so enterprise systems are protected in the event of a breach or compromise. SecureONE allows organizations to more effectively allow organizations to implement the best practice of placing multi-factor authentication in front of every administrator account and every endpoint without the overhead of jump boxes and bastion hosts. SecureONE comes integrated with Google Authenticator out of the box but also includes support for any existing two-factor authentication/MFA that allows for SAML/Radius integration.

Agent-less and Vault-less
Agent-less and Vault-less

SecureONE PAM operates with agent-less, vault-less methods, and never permits shared privileged accounts which can create audit, traceability and compliance challenges. This not only makes auditing systems easier, but also protects the credentials of your privileged accounts because they are never shared, nor stored.

Access Vulnerability Management
Access Vulnerability Management

Gain complete access vulnerability insight and threat landscape visibility with a Privileged Access Vulnerability Scanner (PAVS) capable of scanning over 100,000 hosts in as little as 5 minutes with near real-time insights! SecureONE automatically performs continuous asset discovery and monitoring privileged accounts across your entire ecosystem.

Real-Time API Integrations
Real-Time API Integrations

Supports integrations with existing cybersecurity systems and investments such as SIEMs, IAM / IDM Solutions, AWS Security and many others. With an API-first architecture, dynamic web interface and powerful administrative workflows, SecureONE integrations feature actionable insights in real-time for connected applications and service accounts.

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Client Success Stories

SecureONE is a PAM Solution with Enough Caliber for Global Aerospace Defense.

Lockheed Martin

Working in various information security-related roles in biotech and security consulting-led Remediant’s founders to the same conclusion: it was time to forge a new path in the world of privileged access.

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Lansing Trade Group

From the very beginning, Remediant was able to complete their POC quickly and efficiently, without affecting any of the business operations.

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"Remediant SecureONE builds on the solution by offering multifactor authentication, continuous admin inventory, full logging of when individuals access specific systems, and enterprise scalability."

- Chad Anderson, Cyber Mitigations Architect, Lockheed Martin

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