The Advantage

SecureONE is a privileged access security solution like no other

Privileged Access Security

SecureONE, Remediant’s flagship Privileged Access Management solution, brings a new level of control and insight over the distribution, usage, and protection of privileged access in enterprise environments.

Continuous Inventory

SecureONE automatically discovers privilege access across the entire ecosystem ensuring a single version of the truth for reporting the distribution and usage of privileged access.

By integrating with existing security investments like SIEM solutions and continuous scanning of privileged accounts escalations, IT & Security teams are alerted the moment privileged access is granted or compromised and act upon potential risks immediately.

With scalar, light-weight architecture capable of scanning 100,000+ hosts in as little as a few hours, SecureONE provides real-time insight and dynamically adjusts access based on policies.

Zero trust security model

Typically, administrators have persistent privileged access to thousands of endpoints across the ecosystem. With Just-In-Time administration (JITA), administrators can easily perform their functions however only have the access that they need, for precisely the time that they need it significantly reducing the risk of stolen administrator credentials being used to infiltrate systems.

By migrating IT service desk and other classes of administrator users to dynamic-based/just-in-time privileged access, the impact of possible account compromise is mitigated by up to 99%.

With built-in 2FA (two-factor authentication), lateral movement is prevented and enterprise systems are protected in the event administrator passwords are compromised.

Agent-less & vault-less

SecureONE is the first PAM solution to bring the ease of an agent-less and vault-less architecture.

By adopting a Zero Trust security model, privileged access is granted solely to the administrator that needs it, on the minimal set of endpoints, for the minimal time period - all the while using their own identity.

By taking a fully personalized approach, organizations eliminate the risks associated with managing generic or shared highly-privileged accounts across the ecosystem. 

Integrates with existing investments

SecureONE is a good citizen in the information security ecosystem of any organization. Organizations can gain complete privileged access visibility, without changing the business and technical processes that rely on that privileged access.

Built on an API-first architecture, SecureONE ships with standards-based connectors to SIEMs, UBA tools, IGA/IDM/IAM tools. SecureONE can tie into any 2FA or MFA solution that supports RADIUS, SAML or OAuth interfaces.

By connecting Active Directory and MFA to privileged access on Windows and UNIX endpoints, SecureONE enhances the value of existing investments in AD, IGA/IDM/AIM, endpoint protection and SIEM/UBA tools.

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