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Automating Privilege Access Management into DevOps


Solving for More Code, More Access, Faster – Over a Remote Connection


High Availability Can Mean More Privilege Users

Engineering teams are adopting DevOps as a way to improve time to market and ensure high availability. In addition, these teams are becoming more and more distributed as a way to access a broader talent pool, drive down fixed costs and improve employee retention. 

What this implies, especially in firms with a technology heavy workforce, is that you now have more privileged users (e.g., engineers, DevOps, SRE) than ever before deploying on cloud infrastructure and operating with elevated privileges over a remote connection.  

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Automating Privilege Access into DevOps is Simple with Remediant

Remediant SecureONE allows IT & Cybersecurity teams to:
Spin up new Linux and Windows cloud workloads with just-in-time access policies enforced;
Enable a frictionless experience for admins and developers to log in and log out of systems;
Easily bridge workloads to Active Directory

How it works:


The 5 Benefits of Automating Privilege Access in DevOps with Remediant

  1. Autoscaling with Cloud Workloads
  2. Out of the box support for dynamically provisioned cloud workloads
  3. Works with current process
  4. Works with all Linux distributions
  5. No shared accounts

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Evaluate Your Privilege Account Exposure

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Remediant stops lateral movement attacks by bringing Zero Standing Privileges to the enterprise to close IT visibility and cyber security control gaps caused by the invisible sprawl of administrative accounts.