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Paul Lanzi

Paul Lanzi

Co-Founder & COO

Recent Posts by Paul Lanzi:

by Paul Lanzi, on Mar 09, 2020

Nation-state actors, zero-day exploits, privacy breaches and ransomware attacks take up the majority of the news cycles regarding cybersecurity. There are two underlying issues that — though they get little media coverage — portend much greater problems ahead of us. Specifically, the lack of broad cybersecurity education, and the lack …

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Topics:Privileged Access Management (PAM)

by Paul Lanzi, on Jul 21, 2017

Tim Keeler interviewed by Patrick Gray / podcast Earlier this week, our own Tim Keeler had a chance to chat with Patrick Gray, host of the award-winning podcast Risky Business Here are a few key excerpts from the interview: Patrick Gray: We all know that privileged access management is …

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by Paul Lanzi, on Jan 30, 2017

Can’t Hire? Higher Automation. Cybersecurity staffing faces a crisis today. There are two jobs for every qualified person, according to IBM’s Security Intelligence. Current educational institutions can’t train people fast enough to meet the demand, and this problem is likely going to get worse. Businesses don’t have the option of going …

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by Paul Lanzi, on Jan 10, 2017

Blog: Interview with Phil Simon about Two-factor authentication Our own Paul Lanzi spoke with Phil Simon about two-factor authentication, NIST 800-171 compliance and how Remediant is moving the needle in this space. Two-factor authentication represents one way to immediately improve nearly all aspects of a company’s information security. Some companies …

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by Paul Lanzi, on Dec 03, 2015

It’s not often that Amazon is late to any game. Consistently cited as the leader – quite often defining the cutting edge – of supply chain and delivery logistics, e-reading technology, DRM-free digital music distribution and countless other technologies, there is one crucial technology that Amazon was late to adopting: multi-factor …

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