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Paul Lanzi

Paul Lanzi

Co-Founder & COO

Recent Posts by Paul Lanzi:

by Paul Lanzi, on Mar 09, 2020

Nation-state actors, zero-day exploits, privacy breaches and ransomware attacks take up the majority of the news cycles regarding cybersecurity. There are two underlying issues that — though they get little …

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Topics:Privilege Access Management (PAM)

by Paul Lanzi, on Jul 21, 2017

Tim Keeler interviewed by Patrick Gray / podcast Earlier this week, our own Tim Keeler had a chance to chat with Patrick Gray, host of the award-winning podcast Risky …

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by Paul Lanzi, on Jan 30, 2017

Can’t Hire? Higher Automation. Cybersecurity staffing faces a crisis today. There are two jobs for every qualified person, according to IBM’s Security Intelligence. Current educational institutions can’t train people fast enough …

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by Paul Lanzi, on Jan 10, 2017

Blog: Interview with Phil Simon about Two-factor authentication Our own Paul Lanzi spoke with Phil Simon about two-factor authentication, NIST 800-171 compliance and how Remediant is moving the needle in …

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by Paul Lanzi, on Dec 03, 2015

It’s not often that Amazon is late to any game. Consistently cited as the leader – quite often defining the cutting edge – of supply chain and delivery logistics, e-reading …

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