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Can't Hire? Higher Automation.

by Paul Lanzi, on Jan 30, 2017

Can’t Hire? Higher Automation.

Cybersecurity staffing faces a crisis today. There are two jobs for every qualified person, according to IBM’s Security Intelligence. Current educational institutions can’t train people fast enough to meet the demand, and this problem is likely going to get worse. Businesses don’t have the option of going without, as cloud-based computing, IoT and BYOD put increasing numbers of attack vectors in their infrastructure. They need a solution that works immediately, not ten years from now.

The Curse of Inefficiency in Cybersecurity

Big data brings many benefits to businesses, but it also acts as a valuable target for cybercriminals. Cybersecurity teams have to sort through hundreds of potential attacks every day, stay on top of social engineering tactics and react quickly to any intruders who make it through the company’s defenses. On top of that, hackers are always on the lookout for new ways to break into organizations, particularly if they think the business is vulnerable.

The Curse of Inefficiency in Cybersecurity

Most of the attempts to break into the company network have no real chance of succeeding, but they still take up the team’s time and resources. Good cybersecurity talent shouldn’t waste their time on false alarms. A serious threat could slip through while they’re distracted and cost the company millions of dollars. Data breaches also affect customer trust and the long-term reputation of the brand.

The solution isn’t as simple as bringing in new employees. Even when businesses have the budget to hire more people, the recruitment cycle can take months or years. In the meantime, the problem is only getting worse. The current team may end up putting in long hours and getting close to burnout.

Automation Helps Cybersecurity Teams Do More With Less

Organizations don’t need to solve the widespread cybersecurity staffing crisis to fix their problems. It’s going to take significant time and a widespread investment in educational programs and technical skills development to expand the available workforce. The current solution is better automation of threat detection and threat response.

With great automation, the team becomes empowered to handle the cyber attacks that do threaten the business. They can do more with less, and companies don’t need to pay hundreds of thousands in their recruitment efforts. They don’t spend countless hours on manual processes and other productivity destroying tasks. After all, they want to spend their time working on high-skill duties, not getting an alert every time someone forgets their password and gets locked out of the system.

Remediant’s product, SecureONE, is the first product to bring true automated threat detection to privileged account management – the #1 vector used by hackers to pivot around a company’s network. With SecureONE, a company’s SIEM solution is enhanced with rich data about events for privileged accounts – making it easy for SOCs to differentiate between an IT Administrator fat-fingering their password and a hacker attempting to use stolen admin credentials. This software makes your existing investment in a great SIEM solution even more valuable.

Before SecureONE, compromised administrator usernames and passwords could nearly guarantee a data breach for many companies. With SecureONE, the cyber security team gains system-wide visibility into who can access what assets, the authorized and unauthorized access attempts and compliant auditing. Plus, even if an IT Administrator’s credentials are compromised, the hacker will find that the credential is useless – SecureONE’s “Just In Time Admin” approach means that administrative privileges are stripped away, except when they’re needed. Combined with SecureONE’s native two-factor authentication support and continuous scanning privilege technology, SecureONE can deliver more insight and control over privilege accounts than any other solution on the market today.

Cybersecurity teams have a lot on their plate, and it may take years before the supply and demand finally balance out. While this scenario is great for their job security, it’s not helpful for their goal of keeping the company safe. SecureONE gives companies a valuable tool that improves productivity and adds efficiency to their operations. They gain the necessary time and agility to stop sophisticated attacks before they happen, identify suspicious user behavior and no longer need to deal with false alarms every day.

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