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Remediant Expands Ability to Bring a New Level of Control and Insight Over Privileged Access Through Partner Agreement with Optiv Security

by Remediant Inc., on Apr 15, 2018

Remediant today announced participation in Optiv Security’s, partner program. Remediant brings a new level of control and insight over the distribution, usage, and protection of privileged access in enterprise environments using its SecureONE platform.

Privileged access is not only the #1 attack vector in security breaches, it’s also a critical part of how IT Operations, IT Security, Application Development, and other technical groups get their daily jobs done. SecureONE reduces the quantity of privileged access across the enterprise by up to 99%. Administrators gain on-demand access to only the systems they need, for just the time they need it and using their own user account, never a shared account. Optiv Security is the world’s leading security solutions integrator, with extensive cybersecurity services designed to reduce the complexity of the client’s cybersecurity programs while maximizing the efficacy of their security investments.

“The channel is critical to the continued success of Remediant and our clients. Optiv’s cybersecurity expertise is proven and their focus on global expansion was exactly what we were looking for in a strategic partner,” said JD Sherry, CRO of Remediant

Information security continues to be an evolving threat for organizations worldwide. Since 1996, every Privileged Access Management solution on the market has been built on top of the concept of a password vault. SecureONE is the first PAM solution to bring the ease of an agent-less and vault-less approach, while also delivering continuous detection of new privileged access across the enterprise. Based on a Zero Trust access model, SecureONE ensures privileged access is precisely allocated and continuously inventoried by granting administrator access on a Just-In-Time, Just-Enough basis, coupled with two-factor authentication.

Remediant’s partnership with Optiv gives clients wider access to Remediant’s privileged access management solutions.

About Remediant

Founded in the heart of San Francisco, Remediant leads with innovation, delivering enterprise-class cybersecurity solutions that enable real-time monitoring, Zero Trust protection of privileged accounts and Just-In-Time Administration (JITA) across IT/Security ecosystems. We protect organizations from stolen credentials being used to take their data, which is the #1 attack vector across all breaches.

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