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JD Sherry, CRO, Joins Security Leaders to Discuss Strategies at SecurityWeek CISO Forum in San Francisco

by Remediant, on Oct 03, 2019

Last week, JD Sherry, Chief Revenue Officer at Remediant, joined top security leaders to discuss, share and learn information security strategies at the SecurityWeek CISO Forum. The Forum provided a platform for CISOs and security practitioners to better anticipate bad actors and prevent cyber attacks for their organizations.

Sherry was part of a panel titled, “All the ‘Zero Trust’ Questions You Want Answered,” where he discussed how businesses and security professionals need to understand and embrace the Zero Trust model. The panel consisted of Steve Martino, SVP & CISO at Cisco, Lakshmi Hanspal, Global CISO at Box, David Tsao, VP of Security Engineering at Marqeta, and was moderated by Ash Ahuja, the VP Leadership Partner at Gartner.

“It was exciting and motivating to converse with top security experts about real challenges and game changing solutions,” said Sherry. “It’s important to have these conversations and to continue to work toward innovation in our field. With the digital landscape changing as rapidly as our adversaries, it’s critical for our industry to come together and share best practices, particularly when new approaches are warranted to reduce risk.”

The cybersecurity leaders hosted a lively discussion around the differences between Zero Trust and the BeyondCorp models. An important takeaway is that there are misconceptions around this approach to risk management and security. The panelists discussed the idea that Zero Trust is a journey that can’t be done overnight. However, the approach doesn’t require a complete redesign of existing network architectures and can be done by gradually modifying current infrastructures over time.

From there, the conversation shifted to strategize how traditional companies can easily embrace the Zero Trust model and the experts provided insights into how organizations can benefit from adopting a Zero Trust approach to risk management. Ultimately, zero trust is not a point product, but rather, it’s a real business/IT strategy.

The Remediant team will be at Zero Day Con at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C. on October 22, 2019, where they will continue to discuss strategies in stopping credential theft attacks and improving the security landscape with their innovative approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM).


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