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MEDIA COVERAGE: Safety Detective’s Aviva Zacks Interviews Tim Keeler

By Remediant June 24, 2020

Tim Keeler, Founder and CEO of Remediant, sits down with Safety Detective’s Aviva Zacks, cybersecurity expert and writer. He told her what motivated him and his co-founder, Paul Lanzi, to start...
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MEDIA COVERAGE: Report on Patient Privacy Volume 20, Number 6

By Remediant June 22, 2020

Health care entities still trying to adapt to the “new normal” and come to grips with cyberthreats in the shadow of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are finding that those threats—many from...
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MEDIA COVERAGE: Byron Acohido – Protecting K-12 Remote Classes

By Remediant June 22, 2020

Parents have long held a special duty to protect their school-aged children from bad actors on the Internet. Now COVID-19 has dramatically and permanently expanded that parental responsibility, as...
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PRESS RELEASE: Remediant SecureONE Wins Fortress Cyber Security Award for Precise, Simple Approach to Privileged Access Security

By Remediant June 16, 2020

San Francisco, CA - June 16, 2020 - The Business Intelligence Group today announced that Remediant, a leading provider of precision Privileged Access Management (PAM) software, has won a 2020...
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