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MEDIA COVERAGE: Cyber Security Magazine – Unraveling The Marriott Breach & Examining Credential Theft Attacks

By Remediant May 27, 2020

What Happened: The recent Marriott breach involved the theft of employee credentials. Specifically, attackers obtained the login credentials for two franchise property employees which gave them...
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MEDIA COVERAGE: Dark Reading – Standing Privilege: The Attacker's Advantage

By Remediant May 27, 2020

The credential is a commodity and will continue to be breached. As a result, focus and spending must shift toward the access that the credentials provide.
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Who (really) has access to your work laptop?

By Mahesh Babu May 05, 2020

The credential has become a commodity that will be breached. 74% of breached organizations admitted the breach involved access to a privileged account. In addition, The Verizon Data Breach...
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PRESS RELEASE: Next Gen InfoSec Startup of the Year in Privileged Account Security

By Remediant February 25, 2020

San Francisco, CA – February 25, 2020 – Remediant, Inc., a leading provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) software, today announced the company has won two awards, Next Gen InfoSec Startup...
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