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by JD Sherry, on Dec 18, 2020

Ransomware keeps us up at night. It’s the worst-case scenario that hits companies where it hurts—their data. Ransomware locks us out of our data as the attackers threaten to destroy …

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Topics:Cyber ThreatsZero Standing PrivilegeRansomware

by Tim Keeler, on Dec 15, 2020

I wanted to share my thoughts on the SolarWinds attack that has been used to target government agencies as well as other private/public companies. FireEye has an excellent write-up ( …

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Topics:SecureONECyber ThreatsZero Standing Privilege

by JD Sherry, on Dec 03, 2020

The concept behind Zero Trust is simple. When you’re designing security, as Forrester alum and concept founder John Kindervag says, “never trust, always verify.” In practice, that means giving users …

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Topics:Zero Standing PrivilegePrivilege Access Management (PAM)

by Admin, on Oct 07, 2018

CyberSecurity Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global information security market, today announced that Remediant’s SecureONE platform has been named the winner …

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Topics:Zero Standing Privilege

by Admin, on Apr 15, 2018

Remediant today announced participation in Optiv Security’s, partner program. Remediant brings a new level of control and insight over the distribution, usage, and protection of privileged access in enterprise environments using …

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Topics:Zero Standing Privilege

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