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Talent Arms Race

by Tim Keeler, on May 18, 2017

Talent Arms Race

Calling All Cyber Unicorns…

In light of the recent events with the latest global outbreak of ransomware spreading across the digital globe, I wanted to take a few moments and acknowledge the tremendous amount of effort going on within all organizations currently impacted with this outbreak. Having been involved in many incident response efforts myself, I know about the countless hours and cups of coffee required to return to a state of normalcy. I also want to acknowledge the folks that have also taken the steps to prepare and mitigate against these types of attacks. That too should not go unrecognized – continuous efforts to establish defense in depth for your networks is commendable, and, done well, it has also allowed you to at least mitigate against this pandemic. Ever defending and preparing for the next one…

The aforementioned people above are indeed unicorns. The quantity and quality of talent required to defend and respond to the types of attacks that impact critical infrastructure is simply not available in the marketplace today. Even more worryingly, we aren’t even trending in the right direction. Frost & Sullivan has reported that by 2020 1.5 Millioncybersecurity jobs will go unfilled. Simply mind-blowing when you think about the threat landscape evolving over the next several years. Harvard Business Review takes it even further. In a recent article, HBR states that organizations need to look beyond traditional degree paths to find the right talent. Not all great cybersecurity professionals have or will have a four-year college degree. It’s time to get creative with finding and training our next generation of cyber guardians of the galaxy.

To that end, we understand that organizations are going to continue to struggle. Our Job #1 at Remediant is to contribute in a meaningful way to making the job of Securing Innovation easier, and more scalable. Reflecting on that same mission: internally, we are on the same quest to find the best and brightest talent in the market, so that we can advance our technology and increase the potency of the tools we put into the hands of our customers.

We continue to grow and expand our team of experts. We are incredibly excited to announce that, next week, an industry thought leader will be joining Remediant. Someone who has served in many roles – from practitioner to CEO – and has experience in many industry verticals. Stayed tuned for more detailed announcements from Remediant in the coming weeks.

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