About the Role

Remediant is looking for a Senior Frontend developer to join our engineering team. We help secure access to critical systems in industries ranging from defense contractors to pharmaceutical companies. Our flagship product, SecureONE, enables our customers to deploy a “just-in-time-administration” stance that prevents attackers from gaining a foothold in their networks.

We are looking for people who have a track record of taking a pragmatic approach to solving technical problems. You will join a team working on maintaining and adding features to SecureONE alongside teammates with previous experience in IT, security, system log analysis, payments, digital imaging, and pharmaceuticals.

You do not need to have any previous experience in information security — and this is a great job for those looking to learn more about information security.

About You

  • You are skilled at designing and implementing browser-based UIs and draw upon your breadth of experience to translate product requirements into approachable user experiences.
  • You structure your code so that it’s easy for others to read and extend. You build for the future instead of just the next release.
  • You have a confident grasp of Javascript tools and libraries to enhance existing features and to build future ones.

Ideally, candidates will have experience with several of the these technical skills (but no candidate is expected to be savvy in all of them):

  • composing the business and view layers of a UI to work in harmony.
  • knowledge of frameworks (we currently use Angular) and their limitations; you know how to wield their strengths and how to shore up their weaknesses.
  • understanding product requirements from technical and user aspects and navigating a practical path between them.
  • contribute to technical design discussions of the product as a whole and advocate for the needs of the frontend.

The ideal teammate

  • has a strong desire to pick up new skills and knowledge. We are a small and growing team and we all take on multiple roles. We value “Show me how” over “That’s not my job.”
  • communicates well. We feel updating all team members, local and remote, is key to team success.
  • enjoys building their own tools and sharing those with the team. We believe in investing time to make our workflow more efficient and pleasant.
  • has a passion for building readable and maintainable code. We believe refactoring and writing tests are important to a maintainable codebase.
  • is pragmatic and is able to understand the tradeoffs in the business and technical aspects of every decision. We believe our work should deliver impact and value to our customers.


  • Flexible hours
  • Remote work friendly
  • Unlimited paid vacation policy
  • Free bags of Popcorners (while supplies last)

A day at Remediant:

  • It’s time for the Monday morning team meeting. You dial in via Zoom. After a round of updates, you propose the team should use a code linter. The team agrees and you create a new issue for the work.
  • You start a new git branch for the code linter issue and move it into “in-progress” on your Zenhub board. After a couple hours of work and testing, you are satisfied with the changes and push them up to Github and open a pull-request for review.
  • You spin up a Docker stack to work on a feature that requires a Python and a Node.js service to communicate via a message broker. You hop on a video call with another team member to discuss changes required in the message format. Afterwards you update the documentation and tests to reflect the changes before continuing on the format changes.
  • A fellow team member has requested your feedback on a pull-request. You propose a couple naming changes and well as some additional test cases. After the changes are made, the pull-request is merged and the automated tests start running.
  • Someone on the team has a question on Slack about how to write a particular MongoDB query. You worked on a similar issue last week, so you are able to point them to examples in your code. 👍

The last bit:

  • If you don’t meet all the requirements listed above but think you could be good for the job, apply anyway!
  • Remediant is committed to equal pay