At Remediant, we believe in what we do and are passionate about helping our customers secure their business. Remediant is a leading provider of Precision Privileged Access Management software and was founded on the basis of implementing a simple, yet effective zero standing privilege model for our customers. Remediant pioneered the Just-In-Time Administration (JITA) approach to effectively secure enterprises against administrator credential theft attacks that have caused some of the most devastating security breaches to date. Remediant offers a patent-pending JITA approach to solving credential theft attacks through the removal of standing privileges, fundamentally reducing the attack surface for enterprises.

Partnering with Remediant provides you with the capability to provide innovative solutions to solve your customers’ problems and open new revenue opportunities. We believe partners are an extension of team Remediant and play an integral role in helping customers become and stay secure. We are always looking to grow with partners who share our passion!
We are changing the world of Privilege Access Security. Do it with us.
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