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Customer Success Stories

Explore the following case studies of how Remediant helps companies.

Lockheed-Customer-Story Red

Security without compromise

Lockheed Martin needed a highly-scalable solution that coupled multi-factor authentication (MFA) and dynamic privileged access, and could meet compliance requirements while also minimizing impact to ongoing operations.

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Medtech-Customer-Story Red

Enterprise deployment over a weekend

A Fortune 500 medical technology firm was looking to reduce the risk associated with acquired entities during acquisition integration.

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Government-Customer-Story Red

Removing standing

The county sought to improve resilience against citizen service disruption, establish control over administrator access and modernize their security tool set.

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incident-response-Customer-Story Red

Containing a ransomware incident

A US based personnel services firm experienced a ransomware attack in late 2019. Remediant contained the rapidly spreading attack in under a day. 

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Ready to see SecureONE today?

Remediant reinvents privileged access management with SecureONE, the first solution that brings Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP) to the enterprise to close cyber security risks caused by the invisible sprawl of administrative accounts.


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