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Remediant PAM+ Strategy

To shore up cyber resiliency and meet PAM-specific cyber insurance requirements in six weeks.

Executive Summary 

A banking customer sought to meet its cyber insurance carrier's new PAM-specific requirements within a tight timeframe. To accomplish this, the customer needed a strategy beyond using legacy PAM. A new, more evolved approach enabled the customer to quickly implement, fulfill their cyber insurance demands, and bolster cybersecurity resiliency. 



The security team at a multi-state bank holding company that prides itself as a community bank had a pressing need to deploy a privilege solution with multi-factor authentication. The driving force for this was a new cyber insurance requirement. Efficacy and speed-to-deployment were of utmost importance but ease of use and limiting disruption were also vital.

While the customer’s security team was knowledgeable and effective at deploying solutions, they were only aware of legacy PAM approaches which normally take years to deploy, but still failed their noted requirements. Based on this, they were introduced to Remediant SecureONE by their trusted security partner.


The Remediant team deployed SecureONE in the span of six weeks, which is a rarity for an effort like this. While expedited, the rollout was methodical and iterative. Beginning with Freeze Mode, which stopped further privilege-creep and prevented exacerbation of privilege sprawl, the team moved to a full rollout and deployment without negatively impacting the customer’s ongoing business operations.

Subsequently, the customer’s team took full advantage of SecureONE’s integration with SentinelOne, a notable first in the PAM space. This capability enabled the security team to gain deep process-level insights of admin activities, allowing for a quicker investigation of suspected security incidents, and doing so without additional overhead. Instead of simply recording the session, SecureONE showed the team what a user (or attacker) actually executes during a privilege session.

How Remediant Helped

With a Remediant PAM+ strategy, the customer was able to deliver the following outcomes:

Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP) for all Endpoints

Removed administrative accounts from all endpoints, eliminated privilege sprawl, and reduced privileged identity attack surface to zero. By virtue of ZSP, implicit trust to privileged users between endpoints is also eliminated thus preventing lateral movement.

Just-in-Time Access (JITA) Instead of Vaulting

Privileged users were granted Just-in-Time Access to specific endpoints that required administration in real-time, for only the amount of time needed to complete their task. This means no additional overhead of vaulting/rotating admin credentials which would have disrupted the business and slowed down deployment and onboarding.


With a full deployment in about six weeks, the time-to-value of SecureONE is substantially better than legacy PAM solutions.

“The Remediant team is second to none. The team allowed us to deploy SecureONE quickly and thoughtfully in a way that limited the impact to our applications and our business while achieving and even exceeding the deployment timeframes we had set for the solution. Remediant was the only provider solving the issue of privilege sprawl. This made them the clear choice for us. And we got a quick win due to the ease-of-deployment of the SecureONE product and rapid timeto-value in addressing our problem.”

Chief Security Officer
Multi-state Banking Institution

The Result

The key outcomes of the SecureONE deployment within the customer’s environment were as follows: 

  • Successfully reached their PAM-specific insurance compliance milestones within the timeframes established

  • Reduced the risk of privilege access on any one endpoint:
    “Before SecureONE, we had concerns around what an individual could do with admin access on an endpoint. After the deployment, if an individual is compromised, the threat is controlled and the risk is extremely low.”

  • Deep inspection of admin activities through EDR integration:
    “The combination of SecureONE and SentinelOne gave us the visibility to peer into a privilege session from a deep process perspective and carry out investigations quickly and confidently.”



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