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Rapid Deployment with Remediant 


Remediant SecureONE continuously inventories and removes 24x7 administrator accounts, and adds access back on a Just-in-Time basis. Remediant's deployment process was purpose-built to enable fast time-to-value and rapid protection, and includes a Quickstart tool and defined playbook for simplifying and automating most of the rollout steps. In addition, Remediant offers a defined Incident Response playbook if a roll-out needs to be initiated during an incident or possible breach.


Agentless, single VM deployment

Deployment requires no agents on endpoints. The SecureONE management console can be set up as a single virtual or physical appliance, and managed with one headcount.

Deployment Playbook

Provided below is a typical roll-out of Remediant SecureONE:



Rapidly deploy and scan your network to create a baseline (agentless install and scan): In this phase, SecureONE performs continuous scans, connecting to laptop, desktop and server endpoints across the network, and inventories the privileged accounts authorized on each endpoint.


Once the discovery phase is complete, Quickstart reports are generated, and system / service owners are identified for each endpoint and service account. Finally, any gaps in the discovery scan are identified and filled.


Implement Freeze mode for privileged accounts identified in the scan: The next step in the deployment process is to put a "freeze" on the spread of administrator access. This is done by blocking the creation of any net new administrator accounts. In addition, any access that is already there is maintained until the next step. 


The next step is to determine and implement an appropriate Just-in-Time (JIT) access policy. This includes first having system/service owners identify the appropriate time or change windows to allow access. The second step is to train administrators. The final step is to enable the Just-in-Time capability within SecureONE.


In the event of a possible intrusion, Protect mode can be enabled on all privileged accounts. In Protect mode, 24x7 administrator access is automatically removed and any net new account discovered is denied access. 

Sample Deployment Timeline

Provided below is an illustrative project plan that reflects a typical Remediant SecureONE deployment at a Fortune 500 client. Phases and timelines may vary depending on project scope and urgency. 


Enterprise deployment over a weekend.

A Fortune 500 medical technology firm was looking to reduce the risk associated with acquired entities during an acquisition integration.