SecureONE Features and Advanced PAM Tools

Remediant's SecureONE is a feature-rich privileged access management solution designed to remove technology boundaries and provide a simplified and seamless PAM experience for the entire enterprise ecosystem.

- Easily enroll 100% of your systems across Windows, macOS, Linux; desktops, servers; cloud, on-prem, hybrid

- Ensure continuous detection (scan) and prevention (protect) of new privileged accounts

- Continuous enforcement of the desired privileged access configuration

- Eliminate the need for privileged access using shared or secondary accounts

- Provide continuous visibility to every administrator account on every system

- Deliver a scalable, agent-less and vault-less experience utilizing the principles of Just-In-Time Administration

SecureONE Features

Single Centralized Dashboard (single product conceived for Windows, Mac, Linux)

Privileged Account Management

Privileged Access Management

JIT (Just-in-Time) Administration

Zero Trust Security Model

Continuous Protection

Attack Surface Reduction

Principle of Least Privilege

Privileged Session Management

Agent-less and Vault-less Access

100,000+ Endpoint (Security) Protection

Dynamic Access Control

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) – aligned to your organization structure

Organization-based access control (OrBAC)

Segregation of Duties

Two-Factor Authentication

Continuous Monitoring (Real-Time Monitoring)

Server & Desktop Monitoring

Compliance Audit

Audit Trails

Asset Discovery

SIEM integration

Threat Landscape Visibility

Digital Forensics

MFA-protected privileged access to all systems

Incident Response

Breach Detection

NIST Incident Response Plan

Breach assessment

SOAR workflow enablement (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response)

Devops & DevSecOps Enablement

Comprehensive Rest API

Lightweight directory bridging

Active Directory Domain Services

Active Directory Tools

Active Directory Auditing

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