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What is a PAM+ HealthCheck?
A PAM+ HealthCheck provides insights into the type of accounts and belonging to what users, currently reside on systems. No matter where you are on your privileged access journey, a PAM+ HealthCheck will assess the level of standing privilege across an environment.

After performing a scan of an environment, our dashboard will display the two key metrics: Highest Privileged Accounts and Highest Risk Systems. These are then analyzed and summarized into an executive report that highlights the extent of the attack surface the organization has, and the risk of lateral movement due to always-on/always-available privilege sprawl, a key deterrent to achieving Zero Trust.

How Long Does a PAM+ HealthCheck Take?
The PAM+ HealthCheck is deployed within minutes and results are available on the same day.

SecureONE can scan about 10,000 systems in 25 - 30 minutes. The PAM+ HealthCheck discovers privilege sprawl across all systems in all AD instances or any subset of AD instances in your organization's environment.

The system is agentless and requires minimal engagement from your team in to operate the HealthCheck.


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*Click here to access the complete guide to Zero Standing Privilege.

So how do we address this problem and why does it exist, even when tools like vaults and endpoint privilege managers are implemented?

Addressing the problem and why it exists starts with booking your HealthCheck today. You'll learn more about mitigating risk, and how Remediant can uniquely address the problem and co-exist with your current security strategies.

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