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"New CIO or Head of IT? Make a Fast, Positive Impact with Identity" by Paul Lanzi, Remediant COO & Co-Founder

Identity Defined Security Alliance
December 16, 2020

On any given day, the person running IT’s real job is: PPS—professional problem solver. The set of problems they’re tasked with solving changes every day: increase business process efficiency through automation; facilitate software development and release through DevOps principles; maintain and enhance security. Against this landscape, CIOs also have another challenge: to surprise and delight their users. Easy, right?

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Cybercriminals Aim BEC Attacks at Education Industry

Dark Reading
October 29, 2020

Heightened vulnerability comes at a time when the sector has been focusing on setting up a remote workforce and online learning amid the pandemic.

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Remediant's B2B Cybersecurity Tech Arrives On CyberXchange
October 23, 2020

Privileged access management (PAM) software provider Remediant has unveiled “immediate availability” of its SecureONE technology through the CyberXchange digital cybersecurity and compliance marketplace, according to an announcement.

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Safety Detective’s Aviva Zacks Interviews Tim Keeler

Safety Detective
June 14, 2020

Tim Keeler, Founder and CEO of Remediant, sits down with Safety Detective’s Aviva Zacks, cybersecurity expert and writer. He told her what motivated him and his co-founder, Paul Lanzi, to start their own company.

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Report on Patient Privacy Volume 20, Number 6

June 22, 2020

Health care entities still trying to adapt to the “new normal” and come to grips with cyberthreats in the shadow of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are finding that those threats—many from well-organized international actors—are evolving rapidly and escalating.

Still, there’s good news mixed in: The increase in threats appears to have led to an increase in threat response activities, said Tim Keeler, founder and CEO of Remediant.

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Byron Acohido – Protecting K-12 Remote Classes

Avast Blog
June 22, 2020

Parents have long held a special duty to protect their school-aged children from bad actors on the Internet.  Now, COVID-19 has dramatically and permanently expanded that parental responsibility, as well as extended it to ill-prepared school officials in K-12 campuses all across the nation. The prospect of remotely-taught lessons remaining widespread for some time to come has profound privacy and cybersecurity implications, going forward.

Pulitzer-winning journalist Byron V. Acohido, founder of The Last Watchdog on Privacy & Security, discussed this with Tim Keeler, co-founder and CEO of Remediant.

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Unraveling The Marriott Breach & Examining Credential Theft Attacks

Cyber Security Magazine
May 27, 2020


Based on known attacker patterns (as well as what transpired in the prior Marriott breach), the next step in the attack would be a convincing spear phishing campaign on the compromised guests. The goal of the campaign would be to gain access or deliver malware into a guest / victim’s business device. From there, attackers would use the access to create a backdoor into the victim’s company network by (1) finding the administrator accounts that have standing access to the victim’s workstation (e.g., IT admins, helpdesk) and (2) using Mimikatz to dump the password or password hash of those accounts to pivot into other systems on the company network that account might have access to

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Standing Privilege: The Attacker's Advantage

Dark Reading
May 27, 2020
The credential has become a hot commodity for hackers, with 74% of breached organizations admitting the breach involved access to a privileged account. In fact, the "Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report" (DBIR) found that out of all attacks, 29% of total breaches involved the use of stolen credentials, second only to phishing.
Once a credential is compromised, privileged access management solutions are rendered useless.

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