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Incident Response Simplified with Zero Standing Privilege


Real-time Privilege Account Visibility and Forensics


The Credential is the Commodity that will be Breached 

According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 29% of all breaches involved the use of stolen credentials, second only to phishing. Once a credential is compromised, privileged access management solutions are rendered useless.

The underlying reason behind this (and why administrator credentials continue to be low hanging fruit for attackers) is the access the credentials provide. Specifically, it is the 24x7x365 always on, high levels of access that these administrator credentials provide that can be used to move laterally across a network, steal sensitive data, or deploy ransomware. 

Read our new white paper, ‘What is Lateral Movement & How to Protect Credentials’ →


Did You Know

  • Weaponized administrator rights can bypass traditional Endpoint Security, EDR and PAM solutions.
  • XDR, EDR and NGAV have no visibility into privileged identities
  • Traditional PAM solutions cannot identify hidden / nested admin rights

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It’s Time for an Identity-centric Approach to Incident Response

 Remediant takes a three-step approach to deploying, analyzing, triaging and addressing incidents:

1. Deploy single VM: Remediant SecureONE requires no agents on endpoints. The management console operated as a single virtual appliance that can be shipped remotely.

2. Scan for points of exposure: A targeted scan of the potentially compromised network is conducted to surface any administrator access that were potentially compromised for lateral movement, counter IR or ransomware infection

3. Disarm: Remediant then takes steps to contain the incident and limit impact:
- Manage Offline Access: Take control of default admin accounts on critical servers and rotated passwords
- Freeze: Switch servers to “Freeze” mode to stop new admin accounts from being added
- Protect: Remove all standing access with the exception of critical path machine accounts that were marked "persistent" and monitored for login attempts with MFA

This approach limits the intrusion and reduces the impact of the intrusion from a major publicly exposed data breach to a minor incident.

How Remediant Works to Accelerate Incident Response

  1. Rapid Discovery constantly scans for administrator rights across the ecosystem.
  2. Repeatable IR playbook ~ designed to minimize breach and business impact.
  3. Single Action Removal of standing access to ensure protection even if credentials are compromised.
  4. Low business disruption with no administrator friction.
  5. Agent-less, single VM deployment that requires no agents on endpoints.
SecureONE Console ISC-1

Evaluate Your Privilege Account Exposure

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Remediant stops lateral movement attacks by bringing Zero Standing Privileges to the enterprise to close IT visibility and cyber security control gaps caused by the invisible sprawl of administrative accounts.