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Axonius + Remediant

SecureONE Integrations

Simplify Asset & Privileged Access Management with Dynamic Visibility 

Axonius has integrated with Remediant to enable their customers to continuously identify privileged users and their points of exposure to ransomware and lateral movement. Using the Remediant SecureONE adapter in the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management platform, customers may identify all privileged access discovered by Remediant, and associate users with known devices seen in Axonius.


The Challenge

Lack of visibility is a challenge that pervades asset management as well as privileged access. With the growing complexity and distributed nature of IT environments, knowing what devices and power users (e.g., administrators, developers) are on your network is top of mind for security teams. Discovering and inventorying assets and privileged users is time-consuming, manual, and always incomplete in a constantly changing environment. For example, the average manual asset inventory exercise takes 89 man-hours and needs to occur 19 times a year to stay current. For privileged access, the average solution is only 30% deployed after 3 years so an enterprise wide inventory is a complete non-starter.

Security and IT teams struggle to gain continuous discovery of assets on the network and identify who has admin-level access to them. It is no wonder that significant blind spots exist in an organization’s attack surface and 74% of breached organizations admit to the use of a privileged account.

The Solution

Remediant and Axonius are bringing the first integrated asset + privileged access solution to market. Using the Remediant SecureOne adapter in the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management platform, customers can identify all users discovered in Remediant, and associate users with known devices seen in Axonius. 

Together, the agentless Axonius and Remediant solutions can be quickly and easily deployed to close the end-user device visibility gap by delivering continuous, real-time identification of privileged users along with correlated data to help identify which devices are associated with privileged and non-privileged users. A simple search with the Axonius Query Wizard delivers instant understanding into user policy level, last Remediant scan time, and all associated devices. Security teams may then create custom dashboards and report on user access over time.

"Axonius is committed to expanding our partnership footprint so that customers can integrate any data source needed to better understand their IT environment and reduce cyber risk. The Remediant adapter helps our customers better understand their assets by correlating rich user access data with device data in the Axonius platform.”


Dean Sysman
Co-Founder & CEO, Axonius

How It Works


Connect the Remediant Adapter - an API connection between Axonius and Remediant by providing Remediant credentials. Once the adapter is connected, Axonius fetches user data from Remediant.


Search for users with any level of access using the Axonius Query Wizard, and save queries to surface conditions of concern on a continuous basis. Axonius can query Remediant for their last logon, last seen time, policy level, domain, and more


Report on the number of privileged users over time by and create custom dashboards to track user access metrics.


What’s broken in asset management and privileged access?

IT and security teams spend significant amounts of time identifying privileged users, and even more, time figuring out everything a privileged user has access to. In this webinar, JD Sherry of Remediant and Noah Simon of Axonius discuss commonalities between cybersecurity asset management and privileged access.

Key Benefits

Simple Deployment & Management

Both are agentless solutions enabling easy deployment and management

Dynamic & Complete

Continuous, real-time discovery of privileged users and assets

Meet Audit & Compliance Requirements

Correlated data to identify which devices are associated with privileged users and  enforce compliance policies such as CIS, NIST and CMM

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