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ServiceNOW + Remediant

SecureONE Integrations

Automate just-in-time privileged access into ITSM workflows.

Remediant's ITSM integration enables security teams to enforce just-in-time, just enough administrator access through their ServiceNOW portal. 


Standardized Admin Workflows

Allow administrators to request authorization for privileged access specific systems.

Just-in-Time Access

Initiate, approve and terminate privileged access on a just-in-time (JITA) basis in coordination with a ServiceNow change window.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA) on access requests.

Persistent access removed

Automate & reduce standing admin creep – admin privileges granted only for the approved time to the approved device.

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The Benefits

Low code integration of Just-in-time PAM and zero standing privilege into your workflows: With minimal effort, organizations can enable administrators to request access to specific machines on the company network on a just-in-time, just enough basis. This allows you to standardize access requests for your most powerful users, reduce the risk of provisioning excessive access and improving the administrator's experience

No new tool to learn or log into: Administrators can request access to the machines they need to support using the same company approved ITSM process they use to request access to other resources. 

Step function reduction in attack surface: With Remediant's ITSM integration, administrators no longer require 24x7 access to machines on the network "just in case" they need to troubleshoot. This 24x7 access creates points of exposure that can be weaponized by external adversaries or malicious insiders to spread across the network, steal sensitive data or infect machines with ransomware. Remediant removes this 24x7 access and grants access back (once approved through ServiceNOW) on a time limited basis and only to the approved machine.

“Remediant's integration with our ITSM workflow enabled us to improve our security posture, remove excessive access to local admin on our workstations and servers while not impacting mean times to respond, customer experience or system availability. The best part was the administrators barely noticed the difference!”

Security Architect
Global Fortune 500 Biotech Firm

Precision privilege access with ServiceNOW & Remediant

Request Workflows

Integrating Remediant into existing request workflows

With low code effort, Remediant can integrate into your ServiceNOW request workflow and enable standardized, organization approved administrator access requests 

Request just-in-time access without leaving ServiceNow

Administrators can request access to the machines they need to support using the same company approved ITSM process they use to request access to other resources. All access is:

  • Provisioned on a time limited (just-in-time) basis to only the approved system (just enough)
  • All access requests are multi-factor authenticated (MFA)
  • All access is removed once the time limit is complete so systems are not exposed

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See first hand how to stop lateral movement & prevent ransomware attacks by removing 24x7 admin access.