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SecureWorld West Coast Virtual Conference

Date:  Thursday, December 2nd
Location: Online

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Tim Keeler will be joined by a group of security experts, for the panel discussion, 'Ransomware: Myths, Pitfalls, and New Insights'. The panel discussion will take place at 12:15 pm ET / 9:15 PT.

Use Promo code SWCSOC to wave the $25 registration fee.

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Hybrid Identity Protection Virtual Conference

Date: December 1st
Time: 3:15pm ET / 1:15pm MT / 12:15 pm PT
Location: Online

Panel Session Spotlight: Uniting Identity and Security Teams Against the Adversaries 

In this panel discussion, Gil Kirkpatrick, Asad Ali, James W. Doggett, and Paul Lanzi will discuss the challenges that siloed teams face from a security perspective and how organizations are taking steps to align security and identity functions to improve overall security posture.

*Eligible for CPE Credits

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[Webinar] Privilege Sprawl Index – Modeling Privilege Access Sprawl for Zero Trust Security

Date:  Thursday, December 16th
Time: 12pm ET / 10am MT / 9am PT

Location: Online

Uncontrollable privilege sprawl is a problem. According to the VDBIR, 74% of breaches involved a privileged account, which means over privileged access can pose a significant risk to your organization. Join Remediant, Inc. President Raj Dodhiawala, as he discusses a new method to model your risk and strategies for getting it under control.

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[On-Demand Webinar] Ransomware Mitigation: The Link Between Privileged Access & Cyber Insurance

Location: Online

Hear from  LoughTec, McLarens, and Remediant as they discuss:

  • Managing cyber insurance costs and claims
  • Stopping lateral movement attacks, such as ransomware
  • Reducing privileged access risk
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[On-Demand Webinar] Best Practices to Deconstruct Your Privileged Attack Surface

Location: Online

Learn from Potentia Concepts' Adam Hoey (Co-Founder/Managing Director) and Remediant's Sam Kumarsamy (Head of Product Marketing) on best practices and key learnings on deconstructing your privileged attack surface.

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