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Introducing PAM+


Remediant leads the industry with a new look at privilege security. 


Why PAM+?

The definition of insanity is repeating the same approach over and over and expecting different results. Despite proof like the Verizon DBIR quoting >80% of successful attacks utilized privileged credentials, many still feel their admin access is protected using a legacy privilege access management (PAM) solution. 

PAM+ is a completely new way to contextualize privilege identities within the scope of a cyber attack that breaks this model. It shows a new way of tackling an age-old, and truly unsolved problem. Watch Raj Dodhiawala in our video to hear more. 

HubSpot Video

What Separates Remediant PAM+
From The Rest 

Zero-Standing Privilege (ZSP)

  • Remove all admins from all endpoints. Removing this access eliminates privilege sprawl, a key requirement for a successful cyber attack.
  • Implicit enforcement of Zero Trust privilege model by removing implicit trust at each endpoint. 

Real-time Lateral Movement Attack Prevention

  • Zero Standing Privilege technology requires user to use MFA for Just-in-Time resource access as needed to complete their task.
  • Eliminate blind spots in legacy PAM solutions by preventing 24x7 administrative access sprawl outside the vault.

Persistent Stolen Credential Protection

  • Protect against ransomware, malware, and other external attacks that leverage stolen or misused credentials to land and expand.
  • Enrich contextual information about compromised privileged accounts to prioritize incident response and remediation.

Enhanced Protection & Rapid Time-to-Value

Go Above and Beyond Legacy PAM Toolsets

Remediant PAM+ meets the needs of large and small enterprises struggling to achieve real-time privilege account exposure visibility, prevent lateral movement attacks, and establish persistent protection against attacks utilizing stolen credentials. 

Cyber attacks are successful today because attackers use compromised admin credentials to gain privileged access. PAM+ is the next evolution of privileged security. Much like how AV was replaced by Next-Gen AV followed by EDR/XDR, PAM+ offers a smarter approach at solving the privilege problem, from a real-life perspective. It leaves the archaic and unrealistic vaulting approach behind for something better. For more, download the data sheet. 

Want to Learn More?

There's far more to consider than we can provide in a single web page. To read more about the market drivers for the PAM+ initiative, the key value drivers of a new approach like PAM+, and the dangers of trusting a decades-old legacy PAM approach that has been proven ineffective, please find our Conversational PAM+ eBook (below) or scroll down and request a HealthCheck and book a demo . 




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