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PAM+ and Cyber Liability Insurance

PAM+ Helps Maximize Your Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

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PAM+ at the Speed of Business

Read the customer success story of how a Remediant PAM+™ strategy helped a multi-state banking institution meet new PAM-specific cyber insurance requirements in six weeks. Deployment of a Remediant PAM+™ approach helped the customer: 

  • Utilize Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP) for all Endpoints
  • Leverage Just-in-Time Access (JITA) Instead of Vaulting
  • Realize Rapid Return on Investment
  • Achieve Better Time-to-Value Than Legacy PAM solutions
  • Experience a Single Control Point for JITA Utilizing Built-In Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA)

Download the PDF of this customer success story.

Security protection that cyber insurers care about

Ransomware attacks have become more frequent in 2022. According to Marsh Re, 71% of surveyed organizations fell victim to ransomware or a cyber attack causing fraud or breach of data. As the number of attacks rises, so are the ransom amounts, increasing the cost to organizations by 82%.

After factoring in response costs, judgments, and/or fines, it's no surprise that cyber liability insurance carriers have raised premiums, requiring stricter security controls from their clients before providing coverage, and sometimes even shedding existing customers.  

Cyber liability insurance companies are highly concerned with mitigating the material risk of an attack and containing the blast radius of a breach. Legacy PAM solutions often fall short in this respect. However, Remediant PAM+ meets this market need, building on Zero Trust principles, leveraging Just-in-Time access, and blocking techniques like lateral movement and privilege escalation.

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Reduce risk and optimize cyber insurance coverage

Cyber insurance companies can have very specific requirements around an organization’s current security practices. To keep premiums down and to stay ahead of nefarious actors, consider quick-to-deploy strategies, such as a more advanced concept of privilege access management called Remediant PAM+. It’s an approach that eliminates the impact of compromised admin credentials through Just-in-Time access, renders password-stealing malware ineffective, and delivers rapid time-to-value.

Watch webinar recording here →

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Assess the privilege sprawl in your environment

And get started mitigating the risk that cyber insurers care about

he process is simple, agentless, and takes 30 minutes or less. Discover the privilege sprawl across all systems in all AD instances or any subset of AD instances in your organization's environment. Request a HealthCheck today.