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Remediant Appoints JD Sherry as Chief Revenue Officer

by Remediant Inc., on Jun 5, 2017

Remediant, Inc., an innovative San Francisco-based cyber security startup focused on protecting administrator accounts and privileged access has named JD Sherry as chief revenue officer (CRO).

“We are excited that JD has joined the Remediant family,” said Tim Keeler, co-founder and CEO of Remediant. “He has been instrumental as an adviser for us as we have launched the company and our platform. His experience ranges far and wide in the cyber security landscape, from practitioner to former CEO.”

Remediant has gained significant traction in the defense industrial base, non-governmental organizations (NGO) as well as biotech industry. Sherry will contribute his global experience to build a world-class sales and marketing organization focused on helping customers address their most challenging security demands.

“We are going to capitalize on recent success in some of our larger install bases to further mobilize Remediant into the financial, healthcare, retail and government verticals,” said Sherry. “Compromised privileged accounts are a massive problem that needs an elegant and cost-effective solution that can be managed in a scalar fashion with limited resources. Our innovative approach stops attacker lateral movement in its tracks without impeding productivity.”

Remediant delivers on the promise of Securing Innovation through market-leading cyber security capabilities. Their flagship product, SecureONE, brings CISOs, data center managers and IT security professionals the control and insight they need over privileged access – the primary attack vector in security breaches. Built by IT security professionals for IT security professionals, SecureONE eliminates critical attack vectors while providing deep audit logging and unparalleled usability, at scale.

Sherry spent the last decade in senior leadership technology roles, most recently serving as vice president/GM of cloud security for Optiv Security focused on driving cloud security business. Prior to Optiv, he was CEO of cloud cyber security upstart Cavirin, transforming them into a cyber security risk and compliance player. Under his leadership, Cavirin was ranked among the top 20 hottest cyber security companies in 2015, according to Cybersecurity Ventures.

Additionally, he served as global vice president for Trend Micro where he guided cyber security program efforts, managed vendor relationships and collaborated on business development activities pertaining to the advancement of cyber security best practices. He has also held top secret government clearance.

SecureONE takes a completely new approach to securing privileged access. Attackers can compromise credentials in a number of ways – man-in-the-middle attacks, pass-the-hash, key loggers and more. Once the credentials for a privileged account are compromised, hackers use that privileged account to move laterally to increasingly more sensitive systems and infrastructure. SecureONE breaks the attack chain at this step - even when armed with compromised admin credentials, attackers are blocked by SecureONE. Visit: or email for more information

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