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Why Remediant?

What makes Remediant a different Privileged Access Management solution? Focus.

Agentless Enterprise Wide Roll-Out

Four hours for 150K+ endpoints.

Low Friction Admin Experience

Administrative experience using the admin’s own account.

Precision Just-in-Time Access with MFA

No standing privilege exposure.

Protects Access, Not Secrets 

Attackers have no access even if accounts are compromised.


Surface critical accounts not vaulted by Legacy PAM.

Quick Admin Access Lockdown

Standing privileges removed from critical endpoints at milliseconds per endpoint to prevent lateral movement.


EMA Evaluation Guide to Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Read more to understand how modern PAM solutions offer among the greatest returns on investments in regards to improving security effectiveness.

"It’s rare to find a simple solution that simultaneously improves compliance, operations, and security. Granting full administrator rights, Just-In-Time, to individual systems, improves administrator support coverage while drastically limiting lateral movement risk."
chad anderson lockheed martin

Chad Anderson
Cyber Mitigations Architect, Lockheed Martin

Product Advantages
Remediant vs. Legacy PAM


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Other solutions

Why Remediant?


Agentless Deployment

  • Agentless, single product deployment for Windows, Mac, Linux.

Continuous Discovery

  • Continuous, always on, inventory of accounts and access
  • Four hours to inventory 150,000+ endpoints

Prevents Standing Privilege Exposure

  • Protects access
  • No standing privilege
  • Admin privileges granted just-in-time to the right endpoint for the approved amount of time and removed after

Attack Surface Reduction

  • Single-action Access Removal (Protect Mode) across Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Milliseconds per endpoint

Administrator Experience

  • Simple - no shared accounts.
  • The administrator's own privileges are escalated just in time at the right time to the right endpoint

Precision Just-in-Time Access

  • Simple setup with little configuration
  • Just-in-Time access can be limited to a specific endpoint
  • User is removed from the admin group
  • Single product for Windows, Mac and Linux

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Lower TCO includes all users and capabilities. Customers are not penalized for more users or upgrades
  • Low implementation overhead - no agent or shared account deployment needed

Get a demonstration of Remediant SecureONE today!

Remediant reinvents privileged access management with SecureONE, the first solution that brings Zero Standing Privilege (ZSP) to the enterprise to close cyber security risks caused by the invisible sprawl of administrative accounts.