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Remediant SecureONE



SecureONE Your Way


Introducing Remediant SecureONE SaaS

Remediant SecureONE SaaS is the fastest way to deploy our pressure-tested Lateral Movement Prevention solution that administers dynamic Just-in-Time (JIT) privileged account access to help customers achieve Zero Standing Privilege. 

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Same Great SecureONE, Managed by Remediant

Real-time Privilege Account Exposure Visibility

  • Agentless real-time visibility into standing 24x7 administrative access (see 10k endpoints in less than 25 minutes)
  • One-click removal of unnecessary, always-on, always available privileged accounts (remediate in milliseconds)
  • Dynamic privilege access risk executive and practitioner dashboards

Continuous Lateral Movement Attack Prevention

  • Zero Standing Privilege technology requires user to use MFA for Just-in-Time resource access as needed to complete their task
  • Eliminate blind spots in legacy PAM solutions by preventing 24x7 administrative access sprawl outside the vault.

Persistent Stolen Credential Protection

  • Protect against ransomware, malware and other external attacks that leverage stolen or misused credentials to land and expand.
  • Enrich contextual information about compromised privileged accounts to prioritize incident response and remediation.

The SaaS Difference

How it Works

Instead of deploying the full SecureONE infrastructure into your environment with our on-premises solution, drop a simple sensor into your environment and you're ready to go. We take care of the heavy lifting. This enables an even quicker onboarding experience, less customer overhead, and access to near-instantaneous scaling. 

SaaS customers enjoy the latest features as soon as they’re available through frequent upgrades handled by the Remediant team. This allows our customers to focus more on JITA and even less on administration.

The Process: With a simplified sensor architecture, SecureONE SaaS enables customers to expedite the setup process through a getting started page that guides the user through a simplified process. 


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Very innovative solution. SecureONE immediately delivered value by reporting over-credentialed accounts in our environment.

CIO, Transportation

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