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The Industry First Privileged Access Risk Dashboards for Executives and Security Practitioners

Visualize, analyze, and reduce your privileged attack surface and stop lateral movement attacks

Key Benefits of Remediant's Privileged Access Risk Dashboards:

  • Provides executives (business and technical) a point-in-time graphical view so they can easily understand the current state of privileged attack surface
  • Enables security practitioners to prioritize the removal of standing privileged access by displaying the riskiest groups and users that are most likely to be compromised
  • Helps practitioners to work with executives to set up time-based goals and track progress towards reducing the attack surface and stopping lateral movement attacks by enabling JIT admin access as needed

Challenge: Comprehensive Privileged Access Insights for Executives & Practitioners

Business and technical executives such as CSO, CIO, Chief Risk Officer and VP and Technical Director of Security want to quickly understand the number of standing privileged accounts (also referred to as permanent admin accounts) that exist within their organization at any point in time. Why? because the more the unwanted and excessive 24X7 admin access (also referred to as standing privilege) that exists in an organization the more the risk exposure to external hacker attacks and insider threats.

This can result in huge financial payout as well as loss of reputation for any organization. Therefore, executives need graphical insights to understand, manage, and reduce this privileged attack surface sprawl in their organization easily and quickly.


Security practitioners such as security analysts and security architects not only need to understand the overall amount of privileged access sprawl that exist within an organization but also details such as the groups and users with the most standing privileged access to be able to prioritize actions for risk reduction. Also, security practitioners need to be able to work with executives to set time-based goals to measure and track progress towards reducing their privileged attack surface and stopping lateral movement attacks such as ransomware.

Solution: Remediant’s Industry Leading Privileged Access Risk Dashboards

Remediant is the first PAM vendor in the industry to recognize that no comprehensive solution exists today to provide the privileged access visual insights required by business and technical decision makers as well as
security practitioners.

Remediant SecureONE provides three Privileged Access Risk dashboards to help organizations visualize, analyze, and reduce their attack surface.


Privileged Users Access Dashboard

Provides executives a point-in-time visual representation of the total number of users who have privileged access via group access and direct access. (See Chart 1)

Enables security practitioners to view and prioritize efforts to reduce the excessive privileged access among the riskiest groups (for e.g., groups with domain access, most users, and systems) and riskiest users. They can then set time-based goals (days, weeks, and months) to remove excessive privileged accounts and to periodically measure progress towards these goals. (See Chart 2)


Segregation Access Dashboard

Enables technical executives to graphically view privileged access across tiers (such as domain access and servers vs. servers and workstations) to determine the users and groups that are most at risk of being compromised. (See Chart 3)

Helps security practitioners to view the riskiest groups and users by tiers (domain, servers, and workstations) and prioritize actions to reduce the attack surface. This helps practitioners to stop lateral movement between tiers (e.g., between workstations and servers) by removing excessive admin access and replacing it with JIT access as needed. (See Chart 4)


Cumulative Access Dashboard

Provides executives with the visual view of total instances of privileged users based on the combination of workstations and servers at any point in time. (See Chart 5)

Security practitioners can obtain the average number of standing privileged access accounts/per system which enables them to prioritize the removal of standing privileged accounts from the riskiest systems and enable JIT admin access as needed with Remediant SecureONE. (See Chart 6)

For example, they can prioritize removing excess privileged access from servers that contain sensitive corporate data versus workstations that do not.

Privileged Access Risk Dashboards Visualize & Reduce Attack Surface

While the traditional privileged access management (PAM) solutions have tried to address this need through basic reporting capabilities, no comprehensive solution exists today that addresses the reporting needs of business and technical decision makers as well as security practitioners.

See our Privileged Access Risk Dashboard in Action.

Watch our 5-minute demo to see Privileged Access Risk Dashboards in action.