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Remediant for Public Sector

Mission-ready Zero Standing Privilege: The right access at the right time, across every workload

The Problem: Prevalence of undetected and standing privilege access

Privileged access is still the "weak underbelly" for nation-state adversaries and malicious insiders


Of breached organizations admit involvement of a privileged account


Average number of admins with 24x7 access to each workstation*


Of an average organization is covered by Privileged Access Management (PAM)

* For organizations with 15,000+ endpoints

Strategic Imperative: "Agencies shall implement processes to manage access control, including the ability to revoke access privileges, when no longer authorized"- OMB Memorandum 19-17

See TAG Cyber's assessment of how Remediant addresses NIST 800-171 and 800-53 v5.


Why it happens

Undiscovered, always changing privileges

Unclear where admin access exists; groups / GPOs change; vaults easy to circumvent.

Unnecessary standing privilege = larger attack surface

Admins and Helpdesk have 24x7x365 access.

Focus on credentials, not access

Legacy PAM solutions focused exclusively on credentials, but once stolen, rendered useless.

High friction user experience for admins

Have to check out a generic ID and get approval slowing down their ability to respond.


An agent on each endpoint.

How it works

Remediant SecureONE was purpose-built to address this problem and be a force multiplier to identity & access management programs worldwide. The founding team especially had in mind those looking to secure and enable access to a global, distributed and always scaling infrastructure. Specifically, SecureONE was developed to:

  • Rapidly deploy and inventory with no agent
  • Continuously monitor
  • Remove standing access organization-wide with a single action
  • Administer privileges Just-In-Time with no shared accounts


Remediant joins Dcode to bring state of the art privileged access control to the U.S. Government & Defense Market

Use Cases

Privileged Access Discovery & Control

Mitigate the risk associated with contractors, inside threats


Quick lockdown of endpoints to stop ransomware spread

Cloud & DevOps Privileged Access

Enforce privileged access controls on public, private, hybrid cloud and integrate into DevOps

Regulatory / Policy Compliance

Align with 800-171, CMMC, SP 800-53 revision 5, 800-171, DFARs supplement

Key Benefits

Faster time to value

  • Agentless, vaultless deployment
  • 150K+ endpoints rolled-out in days
  • Organization-wide coverage
  • Force multiplier to other IAM, PAM investments
  • Integrates into existing workflows (e.g., ServiceNow)

Better coverage, faster remediation

    • One-click attack surface reduction
    • Instant discovery of privileged access
    • Always-on monitoring

Frictionless privileged user experience

    • 1 FTE to manage 150K endpoints
    • Admins use their own accounts



The Challenge:

Cyber DFARS Program Office sought a highly-scalable solution that coupled multi-factor authentication (MFA) and dynamic privileged access, and could meet compliance requirements (NIST SP 800-171) while minimizing impact to operations.


Devices Managed Globally


FTE Managing Globally


Hours to Deploy & Scan

“It’s rare to find a simple solution that simultaneously improves compliance, operations, and security. Granting full administrator rights, Just-In-Time, to individual systems, improves administrator support coverage while drastically limiting lateral movement risk.”
chad anderson lockheed martin

Chad Anderson
Cyber Mitigation Architect, Lockheed Martin

Remediant SecureONE for Public Sector

Download our 2 page brief for additional information. 

Remediant is pleased to support key public sector Cybersecurity, Identity, and Access Management mission initiatives.

Remediant's capabilities are foundational to a Zero Trust model and has become a critical adversary containment tool to public and private sector enterprises, especially when it comes to ransomware. To engage Remediant, please see the information below

    • How to work with us: NAICS CODES: 511210, 541511, 541512, 541519 
    • Programs: SBIR Phase 1 (AFWERX)
    • Security & Compliance: NIST SP 800-171 compliant today.
    • Assessed for NIST 800-171 and 800-53 product applicability by TAG Cyber

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