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On-Demand Webinar: See the Industry's Leading EDR and PAM Integration

Join us to learn more on Remediant and VMware Carbon Black's partnership and how you can reduce your attack surface and prevent lateral movement attacks. 

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GARTNER ZSP REPORT: Removing Standing Privileges Through a Just-in-Time Approach

Read more about Gartner’s point of view on the biggest residual security risk (standing privilege) and the next evolution of PAM that addresses the risk (ZSP).

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EMA Evaluation Guide to Privileged Access Management (PAM)

This EMA Evaluation Guide is intended to provide actionable guidance on the key elements to consider when selecting a PAM solution and how to ensure the investment achieves organizational requirements for security and usability.

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Step-by-Step Guide: Achieving Zero Standing Privilege

The credential has become a commodity that will be breached. 74% of breached organizations admitted the breach involved access to a privileged account. And once a credential is compromised, privileged access management solutions are rendered useless. This key risk is called “standing privilege” and the emerging security model that addresses the risk is called Zero Standing Privilege.



Sample Remediant POC Report

This report exemplifies the key findings, insights and recommendations a customer will receive from Remediant about their own environment once deployed (or evaluated). Findings include but are not limited to the number of administrator accounts surfaced, the riskiest human and machine accounts, the riskiest endpoints and the most over permissioned groups.

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Solutions Brief: Remediant SecureONE

With rapid innovation comes the rapid scaling and adoption of infrastructure. To fuel this innovation, the number of privileged users is growing and evolving constantly. With this growth in new technologies, and privileged users to support them, comes new threats. It is, therefore, no surprise that 74% of breached organizations admitted the breach involved access to a privileged account.



NIST Guidance for Financial Services on Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Remediant recently partnered with NIST NCCoE to create SP 1800-18 — a best practices guide addressing the challenge of privileged access management (PAM). The Remediant team worked together with fellow practitioners and the NIST NCCoE to outline practical use cases describing how organizations actually use PAM products in the real-world environment.


Tag Cyber Paper: NIST Access Control Assessment of Remediant SecureONE

This report summarizes an assessment conducted by cyber security analyst firm TAG Cyber of Remediant SecureONE. Specifically, TAG Cyber conducted a mapping effort between the security provided by Remediant’s SecureONE solution and the NIST 800-171/3.1/3.5.3 and 800-53 V5 (March 2020) referenced Access Controls framework.


Current State & Trends of Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Remediant commissioned Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) to conduct a survey to research the challenges organizations face with privileged access management (PAM), the tools and methods used to manage privileged access, and the perceived effectiveness of PAM solutions. The research revealed a number of interesting findings.READ WHITEPAPER→


SecureONE eases path to DFAR 252.204-7012 & NIST SP 800-171 Compliance

This special update provides a look at how SecureONE helps ease the path to DFAR 252.204-7012 and NIST SP 800-171 Compliance.READ WHITEPAPER→


Privileged Access at the Speed of Business

This comprehensive guide will cover:- New challenges and opportunities around privileged access management at scale - How to scale the "principle of least privilege"- Guidelines for establishing strong and effective privileged access management in your organization - A roadmap to implementing next-generation privileged access management – at scale.

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Rethinking Incident Response Through the Lens of Privileged Access

In this article from Cyber-Defense Magazine, learn the five reasons why Privileged Access Management implementations fail and why privileged credentials are still used in 80% of breaches, 20 years after PAM vendors brought their offerings to market. This article also covers why you need to rethink data breach control and incident response through the lens of privileged access.

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ISMG Transcript: Zero Trust for Privileged Users – how to achieve it

Increasingly, cyber attacks are taking advantage of privileged accounts, and traditional PAM controls are not enough to defend against them. Tim Keeler of Remediant discusses the role of Zero Trust, Standing Privilege and just-in-time privileged account defense.

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