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Intelligent Session Capture


Eliminate Video Recording, Keystroke Logging and Lengthy


Traditional Session Monitoring and Recordings Present Challenges

Privilege Access Management tools monitor and record privilege user activity and sessions using privacy-invasive techniques to create session audits and video recordings of the on-screen activity of all IT administrator privileged sessions, including keystrokes and mouse movements. But, what happens when you have large media files or threat activities that are not recorded? Watch our product demonstration with VMWare Carbon Black to learn more.

Enhance Your Privilege User Activity Monitoring with Remediant

Remediant provides a lightweight and innovative approach to enhance the recording and monitoring of a privileged user’s activity during a session by working with your EDR platform to: 

  1. Provide context to what time a privileged session started and ended. This correlated with EDR continuous detection helps better identify, confirm and respond to a nefarious incident in near-real time
  2. Give you better, more actionable session monitoring and automatic intervention of endpoint threat activity
  3. Track everything that happened before, during and after the privileged session to fully understand the attack. This includes network connection, downloaded files, processes and other activities
SecureONE Console ISC

Benefits of Intelligent Session Capture with Remediant & EDR

Obtain contextual data into privileged account activity while eliminating the need for additional infrastructure for recording and PAM agents

Prevent lateral movement attacks by removing excess standing privilege and replacing with JIT access

Correlate privileged account activity by accessing the recordings of all end point activity from an EDR solution to expedite incident response and remediation in real time

EDR data recordings are easy to access, search and analyze for auditing, forensics and compliance purposes


Evaluate Your Privilege Account Exposure

Get a Lateral Movement Risk Evaluation today!

Remediant stops lateral movement attacks by bringing Zero Standing Privileges to the enterprise to close IT visibility and cyber security control gaps caused by the invisible sprawl of administrative accounts.