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Continuous Lateral Movement Attack Prevention


Administer Just-in-Time Access, Reduce Risk, Achieve Zero Trust


Administer Just-in-Time Access

Standing privilege is defined as accounts that have persistent privilege access for all time to a set of systems. Zero standing privilege is the exact opposite. It is the purest form of just-in-time administrator access, ensuring that the principle of least privilege is enforced. Remediant SecureONE’s Zero Standing Privilege technology requires user to self-administer account access using MFA to get access to the right resource at the right moment for only the length of time needed, and no more.

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Reduce Operational Risk and Your Attack Surface

To seize control of the attack surface, you need to first understand what (and how big) your attack surface is. You cannot defend it if you can’t first define it—including its components. Reducing your privileged attack surface also requires a continuous, comprehensive approach to managing your privileged access and implementing a just-in-time privileged access provisioning model.

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Achieve Zero Trust for Privileged Users

Once an administrator’s credentials are compromised, Privileged Access Management solutions are useless… making it possible for attackers to move laterally across a network, access sensitive data and deploy ransomware. Zero Standing Privilege removes 24x7x365 always on access, contains the impact of stolen credentials and stops lateral movement attacks.

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Evaluate Your Privilege Account Exposure

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Remediant stops lateral movement attacks by bringing Zero Standing Privileges to the enterprise to close IT visibility and cyber security control gaps caused by the invisible sprawl of administrative accounts.