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Deploy your PAM in days (not years)

Remediant implements continuous privileged access discovery and protection with agentless, vaultless simplicity – unlike bloated, complex legacy PAM solutions that leave unprotected attack surface and are difficult to deploy.

Minimize risks while improving IT operational productivity

Problem: The lack of visibility of privileged access is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations as credentials are often monitored and managed manually. Complex organizational structures and a growing remote workforce can often lead to inefficient and vulnerable privileged access with little to no ability to act in real-time to potential threats.

Solution: Remediant reduces your total cost of ownership through unparalleled efficiency, including a continuous inventory of privileged access accounts, real-time alerts, and a centralized dashboard acting as a single source to manage the distribution and usage of privileged access across the entire ecosystem.

Enterprise deployment over a weekend.

A Fortune 500 Medical Technology firm was looking to reduce the risk associated with
acquired entities during acquisition integration.

Continuous Inventory

SecureONE automatically inventories privileged access across the entire ecosystem within hours. This ensures a single source of truth for reporting the distribution and usage of privileged access.

By integrating with existing security investments, such as SIEM, ITSM and MFA solutions, and providing continuous scanning of privileged account escalations, IT & Security teams are alerted the moment privileged access is granted or compromised and have the ability to act upon potential risks immediately.


Automated, real-time insights

With a centralized reporting dashboard and automated alerts, you have greater real-time visibility and control into the use and distribution of privileged access to make faster, more informed decisions around potential risks.


Fast time to value with minimal disruption

SecureONE can be deployed in enterprise-wide Scan Mode in a matter of minutes — mapping out the distribution of privileged access, even in organizations with 100,000+ endpoints, within an hour or two. Organizations gain complete privileged access visibility and control, without changing the business and technical processes that rely on that privileged access.

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