Auditing Privileged Access Management

SecureONE Simplifies Privileged Access Compliance Audits

Security and system auditors are faced with an ever-changing set of IT security and compliance standards and are often reactive to industry regulation and mandates.

SecureONE simplifies privileged access compliance audits and mandates, mitigating risk and delivering a more streamlined experience for auditors, server managers, and information security professionals.

Integrated, automated, real-time insights

SecureONE feeds data about changes in the distribution of privileged access to SIEMs or behavioral analytics solutions, while also locking down and immediately reverting unauthorized privileged access.

One source, one truth

Through continuous scanning of privileged accounts, SecureONE automatically discovers privileged access across the ecosystem, acting as a single source of truth for reporting the distribution of privileged access. With scanning ability of up to 100,000+ endpoints, auditors can gain near real-time insight within just a few hours.

Zero-Trust security model

SecureONE approaches privileged access differently than any other security platform. The scalar, agent-less platform reduces the quantity of privileged access across the enterprise by >99%. Administrators gain on-demand access to only the systems they need, for just the time they need it, all the while using their own user account.

Self-Service Auditor Access

With SecureONE’s self-service dashboard and reports, IT auditors are empowered to access data, perform queries, and conduct read-only analysis that provides detailed data on the distribution of privileged access. IT auditors can explore data and see historical trends pertaining to the amount of privilege access being assigned across the enterprise. Tying this data into application-level permission data makes segregation of duty (SOX) and other deconfliction reporting fast, easy and accomplished without engaging IT resources.

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