Total Security

Reduce risk and gain efficiency through always-on monitoring, management and continuous, automated, policy enforcement for privileged access

Zero-Trust Security Model Reduces Your Attack Surface

Privileged account attacks are arguably the most critical issue facing security leaders and teams this year. With the right security technology partner, you can easily integrate highly secure and compliant privileged access solutions with minimal impact to ongoing operations.

With a Zero-Trust security model, SecureONE reduces your attack surface by reducing the quantity of highly privileged accounts that have 24x7x365 access. Possible data loss due to use of stolen credentials is mitigated by up to 99% by assigning privileged access solely to the endpoints the administrator needs, and only for a specific time period, incorporating two-factor authentication.

Agent-less, vault-less and never shared

SecureONE is the first PAM solution to bring the ease of an agent-less and vault-less approach, while also delivering continuous detection of new privileged access across the enterprise. The scalar, agent-less platform reduces the quantity of privileged access across the enterprise by >99%. Administrators gain on-demand access to only the systems they need, for just the time they need it using their own user account, removing any account sharing.

Automated, real-time visibility

Instant detection and single source management of the distribution of privilege access across the ecosystem delivers significant efficiencies, while also locking down and immediately reverting unauthorized privileged access. SecureONE integrates with your SIEMs or behavioral analytics solutions and ensures all privilege escalations – authorized and unauthorized - are alerted in real-time.

Enhanced compliance management

SecureONE manages privilege access transactions using the user’s own identity - resolving compliance audit complications faster and making it easy for system administrators, help desk personnel, application administrators and other authorized users to perform on-demand updates on the endpoints they maintain.

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