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SailPoint + Remediant

SecureONE Integrations

Automating Just-in-Time access policies for privileged users

With SailPoint and Remediant, true Zero Trust access policies can be automated and enforced for the most powerful users on your network. Specifically, these policies can be implemented when they are onboarded, monitored for changes continuously during the employee lifecycle and evolved as positions change



Privileged users are onboarded with just-in-time privileged access policies enforced automatically.


Continuous scanning and access adjustments for movers and leavers.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on all privileged access requests.

Admin Privileges

Persistent privileged access automatically removed – admin privileges granted only for the approved time to the approved device.

The Benefits

Automating the monitoring and enforcement of privileged access policies come with the following benefits:

  • No code integration of Just-in-Time privileged access and a zero trust model for administrators into provisioning workflows
  • No new tool to learn or build connectors for Remediant continuously monitors your directory structure for net new privileged accounts and automatically enforces policy
  • Step function reduction in attack surface: Remediant automatically removes any 24x7 standing privileged access on critical resources and only grants access back on a just-in-time basis, to only the right resource and only when authenticated using MFA
“Using Remediant in conjunction with our Sailpoint implementation makes security for our most powerful users a reality. It's not that they cut down on a step in the process - they eliminate the need for an entire 3 year privileged access project altogether."

Director, Security Architecture, Fortune 500 media company

SailPoint & Remediant: How it works

Remediant continuously monitors your directory structure for net new privileged accounts and automatically enforces a defined privileged access policy that includes just-in-time access and multi-factor authentication


Employee starts or
leaves role requiring administrator privilege.


Employee record created / changed and added to admin AD group.


Remediant continuous scanner discovers change to Admin group (employee added or removed.)


Remediant automatically enforces or updates Just-in-Time Access policy for employee.

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