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Automating Privileged Access Management into DevOps

The problem: More code, more access, faster - now over a remote connection

Engineering teams are adopting DevOps as a way to improve time to market and ensure high availability. In addition, these teams are becoming more and more distributed as a way to access a broader talent pool, drive down fixed costs and improve employee retention. What this implies, especially in firms with a technology heavy workforce, is that you now have more privileged users (e.g., engineers, DevOps, SRE) than ever before deploying on cloud infrastructure and operating with elevated privileges over a remote connection.

Want to learn how to automate administrator access controls into your CI/CD?

Automating Privileged Access into DevOps: How it works

Remediant SecureONE allows you to:

  • Spin up new Linux and Windows cloud workloads with just-in-time access policies enforced
  • Enable a frictionless experience for admins and developers to log in and log out of systems
  • Easily bridge your workloads to Active Directory

How Remediant can help.

Autoscaling with Cloud Workloads

Streamline PAM adoption in CI/CD/DevOps with comprehensive automation APIs, no agent, and lightweight Active Directory bridging.

Out of the box support for dynamically provisioned cloud workloads

Automatically registers with Remediant when created = Faster time to value for Cloud and DevOps initiatives.

Works with current process

No endpoint module or separate activity control process needed that warrants a change in admin process.

Works with all Linux distributions

No changes or agent.

No shared accounts.

Admin privileges are escalated just-in-time to the right endpoint = improved admin buy-in, easy integration with DevOps & automation processes.

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See first hand how to stop lateral movement & prevent ransomware attacks by removing 24x7 admin access.