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Explore the following use cases of how Remediant can specifically help companies.


Incident Response

The credential has become a commodity that will be breached. 74% of breached organizations admitted the breach involved access to a privileged account.Once a credential is compromised, privileged access management solutions are rendered useless.

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Bring Your Own Vault

With rapid innovation comes the rapid scaling and adoption of infrastructure. To fuel this innovation, the number of privileged users (on-call developers, admins, SREs) is growing and evolving constantly. With this growth in new technologies and privileged users to support them, comes new threats.

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Auotmating PAM into DevOps

Engineering teams are adopting DevOps as a way to improve time to market and ensure high availability. In addition, these teams are becoming more and more distributed as a way to access a broader talent pool, drive down fixed costs and improve employee retention.

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Remediant for Government

Mission-ready Zero Standing Privilege: The right access at the right time, across every workload.

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Continuous, demonstrable compliance

Use Remediant to achieve CMMC Level 3 and comply with NIST 800-53 and 800-171 access control standards.

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Deploy your PAM in days (not years)

Remediant implements continuous privileged access discovery and protection with agentless, vaultless simplicity – unlike bloated, complex legacy PAM solutions that leave unprotected attack surface and are difficult to deploy.

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See first hand how to stop lateral movement & prevent ransomware attacks by removing 24x7 admin access.


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