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Privilege Account Awareness


Discover in Minutes, Remove in Seconds, Manage in Real-time


Discover Standing Privilege Access in Minutes

Most permanent administrator access exists on Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints, and each account creates an attack surface which increases risk exposure. On average, within one day of deployment, Remediant sees that the average employee workstation has 500 plus administrative accounts with 24x7 access to it.

Watch to learn how Remediant SecureONE Delivers Real-time Standing Privilege Visibility

Remove Always-on, Always Available Accounts in Seconds

Legacy Privilege Access Management solutions are able to secure administrator credentials stored inside a vault but do not offer the capability to provide dynamic inventory and removal of these accounts that exist outside the vault, leaving a massive blind spot for hackers to exploit. Remediant SecureONE eliminates these accounts in minutes.

Download our ‘Reduce Attack Surface Reduction in Minutes’ eBook to learn more →

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Manage Privilege Access Risk in Real-time

Continuous, real-time management of privilege account access and credential awareness remains unattainable for IT and cybersecurity teams due to a lack of visibility. Remediant SecureONE eliminates the gaps and simplifies management and reporting with dynamic practitioners and executive risk dashboards that provide one-click account forensics and removal.


Evaluate Your Privilege Account Exposure

Get a Lateral Movement Risk Evaluation today!

Remediant stops lateral movement attacks by bringing Zero Standing Privileges to the enterprise to close IT visibility and cyber security control gaps caused by the invisible sprawl of administrative accounts.