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Integrated, automated, real-time insights

Instant detection and single source management of privilege access delivers significant efficiencies. SecureONE integrates with your SIEMs or behavioral analytics solutions and ensures all privilege escalations – authorized and unauthorized - are alerted in real-time.

SecureONE is a privileged access management solution unlike any other

Agent-less, vault-less, and never shared, SecureONE enables a new level of control and insight over the distribution, usage, and protection of privileged access across enterprise environments.

Privileged access is not only the #1 attack vector in security breaches, it's also a critical part of how IT Operations, IT Security, Application Development and other technical groups get their daily jobs done.

Based on a Zero-trust model, SecureONE ensures privileged access is precisely allocated and continuously inventoried by granting privileged access on a Just-In-Time, Just-Enough basis using two-factor authentication.

Simplify compliance audits

All privileged access is granted using the user's own identity – simplifying compliance audits and mandates, mitigating risk and delivering a more streamlined experience for Security teams and administrators.

Detect and protect your privileged access distribution and usage across the enterprise

With a zero trust security model, SecureONE reduces your attack surface plus makes it easy to assign privileged access solely to the endpoints needed, for a specific time period, incorporating two-factor authentication.

Administrators gain the privileged access they need, when they need it, while also eliminating compliance and security gaps.

Zero Trust Security Model

Zero Trust Protection

Privileged access on a just-in-time, just-enough basis using two-factor authentication, delivering total privileged access security.

Real-time Breach Detection

Integration with SIEM solutions enables instant detection of privileged access escalation and rapid response to potential risks.

Simplified Compliance Management

Users operate under one identity – delivering an efficient audit process and greater governance across the enterprise.

The scalar, agent-less platform reduces the quantity of privileged access across the enterprise by >99%. Administrators gain on-demand access to only the systems they need, for just the time they need it and using their own user account. Ultimately, this reduces an organization’s attack surface and minimizes the impact, even if administrator credentials are stolen through attacks like phishing, Pass-the-Hash or Golden Ticket Forgery.

Integrate with existing investments, in real-time

Feed data about changes in the distribution of privileged access to SIEMs or behavioral analytics solutions, while also locking down and immediately reverting unauthorized privileged access. SecureONE makes an organization's existing investments in IDM, IGA, SIEM, UBA, central directory and endpoint protection tools more valuable by ensuring that privileged access cannot be used to bypass, corrupt or escape them.

Fast time to value with minimal disruption

Deploy in enterprise-wide Scan Mode in a matter of minutes — mapping out the distribution of privileged access, even in organizations with 100,000+ endpoints, within an hour or two. Deploying Protect Mode is accomplished without installing any software on the endpoints, and takes milliseconds per endpoint. Organizations can gain complete privileged access visibility, without changing the business and technical processes that rely on that privileged access.

Where Do You Start When Searching For The Right PAM Solution?

Privileged access is the #1 attack vector in security breaches and the threat landscape continues to evolve. IT Security leaders need to proactively explore new and innovative solutions to today’s cybersecurity challenges.

The task of choosing the right privileged access management solution can be a lengthy and daunting one, with many struggling to know the best place to start. That's why Remediant developed a pilot process as the first step to help organizations efficiently understand their needs.

Test SecureONE, without the risk

For a limited time, Remediant would like to offer enterprise and government customers the opportunity to experience the benefits of SecureONE in their own infrastructure – introducing StepONE.

StepONE not only demonstrates the simplified management of privileged access, it provides continuous detection of unauthorized privileged access throughout the proof of concept period. As a result, StepONE can be rolled out with minimal disruption to150,000+ endpoints so you can realize the powerful benefits first-hand, minus the risk.

StepONE will review, assess, and test the following scenarios:

Audit current privileged access

In today's enterprise environment, there isn't a single source of truth for reporting the distribution and usage of privileged access.

Remediant will quantify the number, scope, distribution, and identities of the privileged accounts through the SecureONE Insight view.

Unravel the deeply-nested group structures that, currently, directly confer administrative rights.

Reduce privileged access divergence

In most security platforms today, privileged access is assigned to secondary accounts. This bifurcates the user's identity, creating audit and governance challenges that are addressed with manual processes. This also creates a challenge for administrators, as they have to maintain multiple accounts and passwords.

SecureONE manages privilege access transactions using the user's own identity - resolving compliance audits and mandates faster and making it easy for system administrators, help desk personnel, application administrators and other authorized users to perform on-demand updates on the endpoints they maintain.

Questions solved:
  • What are our biggest privileged account risks?
  • Which accounts have privileged access to which systems in our infrastructure?
  • Over the duration of the testing period, what changes in the privileged account landscape do we see?
  • Does SecureONE fill any audit gaps and/or remove governance challenges?

Integrate and test workflows

Best-in-class privileged access management solutions integrate seamlessly with existing security infrastructures to provide consolidated monitoring, analytics, governance or compliance across multiple types of information stores and applications. Most importantly, integration with SIEM & SOC solutions, to lock down or revert any unauthorized privileged access in real-time.

SecureONE is a good citizen in the information security ecosystem of any organization. Organizations can gain complete privileged access visibility, without changing the business and technical processes that rely on that privileged access, including facilitation of Just In Time Administration for IT and Security administrators and easy integration with your existing two-factor authentication investment.

SecureONE triggers alerts and Syslog events to your existing SIEM and security operations center (SOC) while locking down and immediately reverting any unauthorized privileged access it detects.

Questions solved:
  • Does SecureONE function correctly in our infrastructure for granting, removing and expiring privileged access?
  • What is the feedback from Administrators and IT Security personnel about the SecureONE system?
  • What problems in the Administrator and/or IT Security workflow does SecureONE not address?

Contact us to find out which use cases are relevant to your organizations and how SecureONE can protect your ecosystem.